Getting life in order - one item at a time.

By : Dan Höering

Cleaning out a garage is the very last thing on most people's lists. Add on to that, trying to start the re-organizational process of cleaning out, then organizing your garage, spare room or attic is more than monumental, it is nearly impossible. The kinship and belongings-factor causes massive procrastination, putting-it-off for months and years and finally, a never-feeling of doing that task! Having to move, a death in the family, divorce, health problems are usually the only way these needed tasks get done. Sadly, those seasons are difficult at best and cause the processes that are needed; a careful approach, planning and patience positive actions to carry out the 're-organization process' to have to be rushed, items purged and hauled away and done improperly with a very negative result. Thereby, losing precious items that should be kept, things broken and lost forever. A sad ending. But there's hope...

Instead, plan ahead, hire a professional, caring and detailed individual that wants to serve you and your belongings properly. Hire an individual to help you plan and map out a process to re-organize your belongings properly with plenty of patience. Creating a relationship that is bound by trust, integrity and a professional and friendly approach to getting the job of re-organization done right - the first time! 

Clutter is a problem with humans, plain and simple. Keeping clutter at bay by maintaining an organized approach, with periodic re-shuffles of your items and belongings, keeps things in their place so you can find, use and know where your things are located. Keeping your things organized allows the mind to stay at ease, reduces stress and anxiety without doubt - and brings a real sense of peace to people's lives, your life - plain and simple. 

I'm organized and disciplined in life, always have been - I do love it! Working out since I was 12 years old and keeping written log books of my earliest workouts for every set, rep and pound I pushed for over 30 years taught me that if you can measure something, you can see if you are progressing or regressing. Keeping your things and belongings organized is much the same thing, you know where things are, you can look around your garage, attic, spare room and/or any room in your home and not have to process through massive clutter, disarray and general disorder - that alone causes psychological stress that stifles life and living. Disarray and disorder of your belongings can imprison the mind to a certain extent, causing stress and a real sense of being helpless. Instead, free yourself and your belongings so you can move ahead with your life in a way that you will find liberating and empowering so you can get on with so many other things in life that need your time, energy, passions and love!

I look forward to hearing from you, as I love helping people, always have and always will. Reach out to me, I'll respond in kind and listen to what you would like to do in your life and living. Remember: Life. Positively in order. All Points Organized.

Thanks and be well. Dan

Life. Positively in order.


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