Order or Chaos?

Chaos is a hard word to type or spell, try it sometime. Order is easy to spell and type! I wonder why? No idea. I went to a thesaurus and copied the text right below. Interesting to read the words that relate directly to chaos and the words that relate to order. There's even more words to describe chaos - they're cluttered and it takes more time to read them all. Weird! There are fewer words that describe the word order, more organized and easier to read.

Order : arrangement, calm, harmony, order, orderliness, organization, peace, neatness, tidiness, normality, quiet, system

Chaos: confusion, anarchy, disarray, discord, disorder, lawlessness, pandemonium, tumult, turmoil, ataxia, bedlam, clutter, disorganization, entropy, free-for-all, misrule, mix-up, mobocracy, muddle, snarl, unruliness, holy mess, rat's nest, topsy-turviness

Process these words, let them sink in and tell me which grouping of words makes you feel at ease versus tense?

 Have a good one and be well!

Thanks, Dan the Renaissance man


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